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Pallet garden table

This unique garden table has been made using only reclaimed wood- planks from pallets and scrap steel.

Pallet wood may seems very unappealing but when varnished it reveals beautiful colours and every piece of wood is slightly different colour. Of course it was very labour intensive but the finished result was worth the effort.



Pallet flower bed edge

Today a bit about garden on a budget.

I have recently made this flower bed edge out of pallet wood. It was very easy to make and alny costed penies. All I have use was some pallet wood, screws, and outdoor vernish to protect the wood.

So from this…


…into this…


Hope you like it as much as I do.

Budgeting home renovation

Today a bit of advice about planing your finances when renovating your home. It is probably the most difficult task, especially when you are doing your first project.

Budgeting your project is important because you do not want to run out of money half way through. My advice- make your calculations before you start and add 20% extra for unplanned expenses.

So how to start? Make a list of all work needing to be done and who will do it (you or contractor). Get quote for each job (make sure you are getting a quote not an estimate). Does this price include just a labor or are the materials included? Also list all materials required (do not forget about all small elements like screws, hinges etc.).

Shop around as prices may vary between online and high street. Include any delivery costs. Think what you can do yourself- the more you do yourself the more you save but take into account the amount of time you can dedicate and how confident you are in DIY. But do not attempt any electrical and plumbing jobs- it is better left to professionals.



Dyeing fabric

Have you had this problem- you have recently re-decorated the room or maybe moved and you end up with lots of cousins (and other soft furnishings) which do not work in the new room?

The easiest option would be to bin all the old items and buy new ones. But at Trygar Design we are against throwing usable items. If you (like us) are not happy to part with some fabrics I have some possible solutions.

You can try to find a new place for your old cousins in another part of the house or you you can make them fit into new room by dyeing the fabric.

There are many fabric dyes available, but I prefer to use Chalk Paint (Annie Sloan brand). With Chalk Paint it is easy to control the results. You only need a bowl large enough to accommodate the fabric, water and some paint. Put some water into the bowl (enough to cover the fabric) leaving some space for mixing it. Add some paint (start with few spoonfuls) and mix the water with paint before soaking the fabric in. I do the mixture by eye. If it comes out to pale I take it out, add some more paint and repeat the process till I’m happy with the result. If it comes out to dark you can soak the fabric in clean water. Then it’s need to be left to dry and when dry either ironed or tumble dry to fix the color into the fabric.

Our style

Recently, I have been trying to describe our style, what style of home decor does TrygarDesign represents?

For a long time we ware not thinking about the style, we ware just making and revamping furniture and home decor items without any reflection on where do we actually fit with our design. Since TrygarDesign become much more than a hobby, I think it is a good time to try to describe our style. It will also help our future customers as it can clarify what sort of items can be expected from us.

So what style do we represent? Our items are eider transformed furniture or items that we upcycled into furniture. I would say the style is eclectic as it is a mixture of few different looks. We love reclaimed wood with it’s imperfections and distressed furniture, which are great rustic pieces. We also enjoy elements of industrial style. But some pieces are more country.

Planing home renovation-where to start

Planing a home renovation and don’t know where and how to start?

First of all, make sure your house is structurally sound. Check for any cracks on inside and outside walls and if there are any it is best to get specialist advice. The next task is to make sure the roof is in good condition- look for any leakage and get professional advice if unsure. It is also a good idea to insulate the roof- you may qualify for the government insulation scheme. Do those checks to avoid any disappointments. You do not want to have cracks or leakage on your freshly painter walls.

So your house is structurally sound and has a good, insulated roof, now it is time to start thinking about interiors.   Planing is the most important task. Good planing will save you time and money. I have seen many friends and family doing renovation without a proper consideration of the space only to find the final results unsatisfying.

Think about the space available and how you would like to live in it. Think what activities you and your family would like to perform in this space. We all need a space to sleep, store our belongings and eat. But home is so much more then that. Do you like to read but don’t have a comfortable space with good light- adding extra source of light by the sofa or bed can make all the difference. Maybe  you like to do some craft but have no space for it- an unused corner in guests bedroom could do just that. Or maybe you are lacking a space for kids to play. What about home office- do you need one and how often you need to use it. If you work from home for 8 hours a day you probably need more space, then if you only use it occasionally. Or you like to host diner parties and need a large table to accommodate all your guests or a small table in the kitchen would be enough for your needs? Does the space need to be in the house or could you convert your garden shed? There is no need to have a whole room designated for something if you only use it once in a while.

It is a good idea to make a list of all of those functions you and your family would like to have and how much space you need for it. Not many of use have houses large enough to have a separate room for every activity so think multi-functional space and furniture. Extendable table is perfect if you host a large dinner party only few times a year. Or a bureau desk if you only need home office few times a week. And make sure to utilize the space under the stairs.

The home where you have a space for your passion is a happy home so plan your space around your needs.

Zoning space with color


Open plan living is a great invention of recent decades. It is more and more popular way of living as it allows the whole family to spend more time together. But designing, furnishing and making open plan living space comfortable and practical can be very challenge.

To avoid the space feeling cold and unwelcoming it is good to visually zone the room. The obvious way to do it is either by using different color on the walls or different flooring in various zones of the space for example using different floor in the kitchen, dining and living areas.

But what to do if the walls and flooring can not be changed? In the studio flat we have been recently designing this was the case so we had to find a different solution. We came up with the idea to use different color furniture to visually separate living, dining and sleeping areas. As in a small space like a studio flat, using to many colors can easily create overwhelming feeling, we have decided to use 2 colors (duck egg blue and cream) all the way but in a different proportions. In the sleeping area the main color is duck egg blue with cream accents, where in a living area the main is cream with duck egg blue accents. And again the dining area- which is on the other side of the room duck egg blue is dominating. We have also used orange as accent color all through to bring the space together.

Why buying upcycled and reclaimed

The world of upcycled and reclaimed furniture is gaining popularity. So I would like to encourage more people to buy such items. You may ask why to buy upcycled and reclaimed instead of a new item from the high street.

There are many reasons. First of all, upcycled and reclaimed items (if bought from pro’s) are usually well made, so you are buying quality (unlike many high street items). Upcycled furniture, for example, are usually made from solid wood. Also if the piece has survived decades of use, you can be sure you will be able to use it and love it for many years to come. Most pro upcyclers have large knowledge and skills to create well made items which will resist time.

Secondly, by purchasing upcycled/reclaimed item, you are getting something unique, which has been made or restore with love and passion.  Also ask the seller about the history of the item as they can tell you a bit about the item past.

Moreover, you can also commission the piece, which will be made to your requirements, meaning the size and style will be a perfect fit for your space and personality.

Upcycled/reclaimed items are also environmentally friendly, as the process of bringing old item to live reduces the amount of stuff ending up in a landfill. Ecology is in hart of many upcyclers.

Christmas is coming…

Only 33 days till Christmas, so it’s time to start thinking and planing for the festive season.

For me the first think is to prepare the house for the festive season. That moment when the house is all clean and I start to put the Christmas decorations is my favorite part of X-mas preparation. To create this magic atmosphere I like decorate every single  room in the house, even bathroom. I also like to put lots of fairy lights around the house, not just on the tree. When days are getting shorter, it is so nice to be at home with lots of warm light.

Someone may say it must cost a fortune to buy decorations for the whole house. But lots of decorations can be done by yourself and o not need to cost much.  Using everyday objects, some glitter (I use glitter glue as it is less messy), some pine cones and your imagination you can create the most amazing decorations. And it is so much fan too.

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