In the New Year I would like to be more active on my blog as I have promised in the first blog this year.  So I have decided to explain more why I am writing this blog for you to understands my agendas.

I have started the Trygar design blog as I would like to share my passion with other people. I should say our passion as this is shared vision- me and my husband’s.

We use various croft techniques to create unique furniture and home decorations items. We aim to use as many reclaimed and upcycled materials as we possibly can. So we use reclaimed wood, glass like jars, fabrics, yarns and some natural materials like see shell or pain cone. My husband is mainly interested in wood work, where I prefer sewing, crotchet and embroidery.

Through this blog we would like to connect with people, who like to surround themselves with unique items. With people, who looks to have non high-street, mass produced home and are able to appreciate creativity. What we do in only a hobby at the moment but we hope on day it will become our day-job.

I hope you enjoy our craft.

Any comments welcomed.