Today I would like to inspire you to start making.

The winter is coming, the days are getting shorter. The weather does not encourage to go out, so I would like to give you an idea what to do during long autumn/ winter evenings – making a scrap quilt. I have done one last autumn and had lots of fun with it. It is also very rewarding.

Scrap quilt means you are using old cloths and other unused fabrics to make the quilt. I’m sure each of us has lots of old, unloved clothes which can be used for that king of project.  You can find many websites explaining how to make a quilt, and each of the website will be a better than any of my how to do as I’m not an expert.

Making a quilt is much easier than you may think. And it does not matter if it is not perfect because it is unique and yours.  I’m  not a quilting expert (this was my first one) but it come up nice and become Christmas gift for my 2 years old nephew (some photos bellow).

Let’s start making this autumn…