Yesterday we have attended an event ‘Audience with Annie Sloan’ organised by Reloved magazine. Apart from great tips and advice Annie was also taking about her new book ‘Chalk paint workbook’. She was explaining how important it is to use workbook for our own ideas.

I have always used a workbook for my blog and post ideas and each post is hand written first as it is easier for me to put my thoughts into words using pan and paper when sitting in front of white computer screen. But I have never used a workbook for my design ideas.

The ideas and inspirations are very often intangible and if not recorded in any way can easily be forgotten. The workbook allows a space for all those elusive thoughts to be put on paper, all in one place. You can go back to it at any time.

We have bought Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workbook, which is going to be a great starting point for using workbook. Do you also use workbook? We would love to hear from others about their workbooks.