Everyone would like to live in a welcoming space which suits the persons taste and personality. But what to do if we are unable to spend lots of money on furniture and home decor items?

The answer is to buy used items. This days there are many websites where private people sell their unwanted pieces for fraction of the price of new items. Car boot sales and charity shops and also a good source.

Firstly, it is important to only buy items which are suitable size and shape, and will be functional in the space available. It is rather impossible to collect a range of used furniture for the house so they much each other. But what to do to make the space filled with used/unwanted items look stylish?

The answer is to paint the furniture. As long as the piece of furniture is made of solid wood, it can be painted using chalk paint (we use Annie Sloan brand, but there are lots of brands available). Basic painting techniques can be done by anyone, and there are lots of online demonstrations available so no experience needed. But remember every piece has to be waxed to make it durable.