Only 33 days till Christmas, so it’s time to start thinking and planing for the festive season.

For me the first think is to prepare the house for the festive season. That moment when the house is all clean and I start to put the Christmas decorations is my favorite part of X-mas preparation. To create this magic atmosphere I like decorate every single  room in the house, even bathroom. I also like to put lots of fairy lights around the house, not just on the tree. When days are getting shorter, it is so nice to be at home with lots of warm light.

Someone may say it must cost a fortune to buy decorations for the whole house. But lots of decorations can be done by yourself and o not need to cost much.  Using everyday objects, some glitter (I use glitter glue as it is less messy), some pine cones and your imagination you can create the most amazing decorations. And it is so much fan too.