The world of upcycled and reclaimed furniture is gaining popularity. So I would like to encourage more people to buy such items. You may ask why to buy upcycled and reclaimed instead of a new item from the high street.

There are many reasons. First of all, upcycled and reclaimed items (if bought from pro’s) are usually well made, so you are buying quality (unlike many high street items). Upcycled furniture, for example, are usually made from solid wood. Also if the piece has survived decades of use, you can be sure you will be able to use it and love it for many years to come. Most pro upcyclers have large knowledge and skills to create well made items which will resist time.

Secondly, by purchasing upcycled/reclaimed item, you are getting something unique, which has been made or restore with love and passion.  Also ask the seller about the history of the item as they can tell you a bit about the item past.

Moreover, you can also commission the piece, which will be made to your requirements, meaning the size and style will be a perfect fit for your space and personality.

Upcycled/reclaimed items are also environmentally friendly, as the process of bringing old item to live reduces the amount of stuff ending up in a landfill. Ecology is in hart of many upcyclers.