Open plan living is a great invention of recent decades. It is more and more popular way of living as it allows the whole family to spend more time together. But designing, furnishing and making open plan living space comfortable and practical can be very challenge.

To avoid the space feeling cold and unwelcoming it is good to visually zone the room. The obvious way to do it is either by using different color on the walls or different flooring in various zones of the space for example using different floor in the kitchen, dining and living areas.

But what to do if the walls and flooring can not be changed? In the studio flat we have been recently designing this was the case so we had to find a different solution. We came up with the idea to use different color furniture to visually separate living, dining and sleeping areas. As in a small space like a studio flat, using to many colors can easily create overwhelming feeling, we have decided to use 2 colors (duck egg blue and cream) all the way but in a different proportions. In the sleeping area the main color is duck egg blue with cream accents, where in a living area the main is cream with duck egg blue accents. And again the dining area- which is on the other side of the room duck egg blue is dominating. We have also used orange as accent color all through to bring the space together.