Planing a home renovation and don’t know where and how to start?

First of all, make sure your house is structurally sound. Check for any cracks on inside and outside walls and if there are any it is best to get specialist advice. The next task is to make sure the roof is in good condition- look for any leakage and get professional advice if unsure. It is also a good idea to insulate the roof- you may qualify for the government insulation scheme. Do those checks to avoid any disappointments. You do not want to have cracks or leakage on your freshly painter walls.

So your house is structurally sound and has a good, insulated roof, now it is time to start thinking about interiors.   Planing is the most important task. Good planing will save you time and money. I have seen many friends and family doing renovation without a proper consideration of the space only to find the final results unsatisfying.

Think about the space available and how you would like to live in it. Think what activities you and your family would like to perform in this space. We all need a space to sleep, store our belongings and eat. But home is so much more then that. Do you like to read but don’t have a comfortable space with good light- adding extra source of light by the sofa or bed can make all the difference. Maybe  you like to do some craft but have no space for it- an unused corner in guests bedroom could do just that. Or maybe you are lacking a space for kids to play. What about home office- do you need one and how often you need to use it. If you work from home for 8 hours a day you probably need more space, then if you only use it occasionally. Or you like to host diner parties and need a large table to accommodate all your guests or a small table in the kitchen would be enough for your needs? Does the space need to be in the house or could you convert your garden shed? There is no need to have a whole room designated for something if you only use it once in a while.

It is a good idea to make a list of all of those functions you and your family would like to have and how much space you need for it. Not many of use have houses large enough to have a separate room for every activity so think multi-functional space and furniture. Extendable table is perfect if you host a large dinner party only few times a year. Or a bureau desk if you only need home office few times a week. And make sure to utilize the space under the stairs.

The home where you have a space for your passion is a happy home so plan your space around your needs.