Have you had this problem- you have recently re-decorated the room or maybe moved and you end up with lots of cousins (and other soft furnishings) which do not work in the new room?

The easiest option would be to bin all the old items and buy new ones. But at Trygar Design we are against throwing usable items. If you (like us) are not happy to part with some fabrics I have some possible solutions.

You can try to find a new place for your old cousins in another part of the house or you you can make them fit into new room by dyeing the fabric.

There are many fabric dyes available, but I prefer to use Chalk Paint (Annie Sloan brand). With Chalk Paint it is easy to control the results. You only need a bowl large enough to accommodate the fabric, water and some paint. Put some water into the bowl (enough to cover the fabric) leaving some space for mixing it. Add some paint (start with few spoonfuls) and mix the water with paint before soaking the fabric in. I do the mixture by eye. If it comes out to pale I take it out, add some more paint and repeat the process till I’m happy with the result. If it comes out to dark you can soak the fabric in clean water. Then it’s need to be left to dry and when dry either ironed or tumble dry to fix the color into the fabric.