Today a bit of advice about planing your finances when renovating your home. It is probably the most difficult task, especially when you are doing your first project.

Budgeting your project is important because you do not want to run out of money half way through. My advice- make your calculations before you start and add 20% extra for unplanned expenses.

So how to start? Make a list of all work needing to be done and who will do it (you or contractor). Get quote for each job (make sure you are getting a quote not an estimate). Does this price include just a labor or are the materials included? Also list all materials required (do not forget about all small elements like screws, hinges etc.).

Shop around as prices may vary between online and high street. Include any delivery costs. Think what you can do yourself- the more you do yourself the more you save but take into account the amount of time you can dedicate and how confident you are in DIY. But do not attempt any electrical and plumbing jobs- it is better left to professionals.