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Dressing table transformation

We have found this beautiful dressing table, but due to it’s condition it was not very appealing. But a close inspection has reviled that the varnish was damaged but the wood and structure was healthy and undamaged.

The whole unit was stripped, sanded and cleaned to revile this lovely wood. As it is an old piece of furniture, we did not want to make it look too contemporary so we have chosen colors to much the age of it. It was painted Annie Sloan chalk paint and waxed with Annie Sloan dark wax.

It is now waiting for a new home, for someone who will live it for many years to come.

Furnishing home on a budget

Everyone would like to live in a welcoming space which suits the persons taste and personality. But what to do if we are unable to spend lots of money on furniture and home decor items?

The answer is to buy used items. This days there are many websites where private people sell their unwanted pieces for fraction of the price of new items. Car boot sales and charity shops and also a good source.

Firstly, it is important to only buy items which are suitable size and shape, and will be functional in the space available. It is rather impossible to collect a range of used furniture for the house so they much each other. But what to do to make the space filled with used/unwanted items look stylish?

The answer is to paint the furniture. As long as the piece of furniture is made of solid wood, it can be painted using chalk paint (we use Annie Sloan brand, but there are lots of brands available). Basic painting techniques can be done by anyone, and there are lots of online demonstrations available so no experience needed. But remember every piece has to be waxed to make it durable.

Colors in small spaces

Choosing colors for small spaces may be very tricky. it is very easy to overdo it and the space starts to look clattered.

For the apartment we are currently designing we have decided to use the same colors throughout to achieve coherent look.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to change wall color and a new carpet was already laid. So zoning the space with wall or floor color become impossible.

We have decided to use two main colors and an accent color to lift the space up. the finished look was expected to be light and cosy so we have decided to go with cream and duck egg blue by Annie Sloan for the main color and barcelona orange also by Annie Sloan as an accent color.P1110399

Designing layout in small spaces

Today a bit of basics about designing an interior for a small, multi-functional space as we have recently been asked to design interior for a studio flat.

So where to start if there are just 4 empty walls?

Firstly, it is important to establish what the space needs to be doing for the person living there. What functions it needed to have. We have been asked for the bedroom area, dining table (needed to sit up to 6 people for special occasions) and the living area with sofa and TV, and good amount of storage. That means we needed to position the following: single bed with bedside table, sofa, TV (hanged on the wall or on a small stand), extendable dining table and chairs. Having all the measurements of he room we have started to think hot to position all the needed furniture and what size each one should be.

It is also important to think about the flow of the space, so the dining table should be close to the kitchen and the sleeping area somewhere in the corner, hidden if possible. Even when working with existing furniture it is always a good idea to move them around to see that layout works best.


Hanging shelf

I got this fashionable glass jars for my birthday. They are beautiful and very useful, especially for use in a garden, so I did not want to hide them in a cupboard. I needed some short of shelf to display them in the kitchen and to have them in easy reach. A quick look in a shed and some reclaimed wood (pallet wood) was transformed into this beautiful display- and it is so useful.P1110151


It is not that difficult to make fencing out of the pallets. All we needed was some pallets (looks better if all are the same size and shape), some wooden fencing posts (we have user reclaimed ones), some outdoor paint (optional, but looks much better if painted), some screws and fixings.

We have started with measuring and positioning all the elements to make sure it fitted the area. We have used some of the existing posts, but if you do not have one, make sure you dig the posts deep (adding some cement makes them more stable and last longer).

When all the elements ware measured and cut to required size we have painted everything white (the paint must be suitable for outdoor use).

With all the elements painted and dry the only last job was it to screw it all together. Job done.





What can be done with all of this beautiful wood?  We simply could not let this be turned into burning wood.P1110120.JPG

So we come up with two ideas- a simple garden coffee table …



… and this


New addition to our garden

This garden bench has been made of 2 broken garden chairs (to damaged to be fixed) and some pallet wood, 100% upcycled materials. The pains and wax was by Annie Sloan.

My wife loves it…

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