Restoration projects

This are some examples of furniture before and after restoration. Hope you like it.


Design projects

After successfully reclaiming some pre-loved furniture and selling them our passion evolved. We have discovered the need to create something more. We soon wanted to start creating items, which are design by us from start to finish, rather than just working with some existing object. We has never stopped working with furniture, but now we also create our own designs.  We are trying to use as many reclaimed materials as we can. It is brilliant experience for us to breathe new life into things that otherwise would have ended up in landfill. We believe that many object, which do not longer serve its purpose can be use to created something different, which can still be used for many years.


Soft furnishings

This section shows the soft furnishing I design and make. You can see a selection of table cloths and runners, cousins, throws, quilts etc. They are made using various techniques like hand embroidery, crotchet, patchwork and applique.

My experience with embroidery started when I was about 6 years old and my mom bought me my first embroidery kit. And I fall in love embroidery instantly. I used to make lots of various napkins and similar items for my grandparents. Their home was full of different items made by myself and I was very proud of it. Also crotchet was always around me as my mom used to do lots of things for me and the family. She also started to teach my how to do different patterns.
I have re-discovered embroidery and crotchet again few years ago when we have started furnishing our home. As my passion evolved I have added patchwork and applique to my work. I love to mix various techniques to create something interacting. I also like to use reclaimed fabric.